The vocabulary of success!!

By Namatai Marygrace Chipunza.                                                       

If you go into business and make a lot of money, you’re considered as though you are successful. If you play tennis and finish the whole season with more wins than losses, you’ve been successful. If you have a successful pregnancy, you give birth to a healthy baby. Success is one of those words that covers a great deal on the ground; it generally just applies to anything, anyone or any venture that ends well. From getting good grades from the time we were younger in school to being adults with a good paying job or rather a flourishing business, the list goes on really;on what is defined as success. When you see the word success, the first thing that comes to ‘ones’ mind is “Winning!” But how then do we get to this point?

How do we get to the point, where we become the “WINNER” of our day to day lives?

The words we speak have power, they are more powerful than many people realise,if  we can encourage someone or one another with the words that we do speak and if can also crush the hopes and dreams of the people that we do love but not watching we say.

Don’t you also think that the things that we say about ourselves can either build or diminish us? Our words are far much more powerful than we give them credit. I somewhat think that somewhere above the blue skies or within the universe reclines a ‘fairy-god-mother’, that just awaits on just simply granting the words we declare for ourselves.

Has it ever occurred to you that you are with someone, and while you’re with them, even if everything is okay? You just keep on thinking and talking on how “Soon or later they’re just probably going to leave” or how “A project you’ve been working on will soon end up in doom” and then, later on, when that thing that you prophesied for yourself happens, you will then say “I knew it”.

Then when you’re about to start a project and before you even get started. There goes our minds blowing up scenarios on how terrible things are going to be or how you’re probably just going to lose your money that you’re investing in your business. When you tell yourself on how difficult something is and it ends up being actually very difficult.

That was me a few years ago when I was doing my second year in the University and not only that I always used to have peculiar predicaments almost in everything, I was always finding it difficult just to get through the most undemanding task. I remember for a very long time I had been wanting to defend a project and whenever I used think about it, I would talk about how messed up, that subject was, I remember going to defend my project one afternoon, earlier that day I  had already told my friend that “I wasn’t ready and I just cant do this today”the moment that my lecturer asked me a question, I just found myself packing up my bags and leaving the class without even giving the question a thought and It is simply because I had already today myself “NOT TODAY,YOU’RE NO CAPABLE” .

On my way back home while I was walking and thinking of how my day went and doing some self-analysis, I remember me leaving that class being the high-light of my day. I then asked myself why I walked away. “Is it because I really didn’t know the answer to my lecturer’s question or because I had already told myself I couldn’t?” That was my ‘AHA! Moment’, me realising that I had projected and talked myself into failure.

I then realised that it has been the mentality that I had approached this issue with and in me meditating on how messed up this really was, I projected and talked myself into failure. Self-talk can affect your perspective on your external world. It can boost you up or take you down to the drain. All the successful people that we do know of use positive self-talk to reach their personal best. Whereas other people do use negative self-talk to justify the ruts they find themselves in. Negative self-talk can be a rife in social situations or out bring a negative on whatever you do await on. Whereas positive self-talk can help you put social gaffes in proper perspective.

So again what is the “VOCABULARY OF SUCCESS!!” or how do we get to the point, where we become the “WINNER” of our day to day lives?


Life is just full of whatever we do speak of, if you do think about how life is full of injustices and wrongs. Life is full of things that we do complain about, if you are always complaining about all your wrongs in life, then you can forget about you ever being successful in your life, because your priorities are in the wrong place. You’re already unkind and so cruel to yourself, how then do you expect the world be kind to you? There are numerous ways to use positive talk in our daily lives. That is if we want to. It all boils down to what is our focus on, which is success. So therefore we are obliged to speak of nothing else other than positivity, sometimes, we do think that the script has been written and that success is chosen for a few, but just like gravity is a natural law ,speaking words is also a law. A law in which speaking works will work for you or help you excel or it will work against you. It will either work for your advantage or it will work to your disadvantage but it will always work. Learn to speak positive words that are in agreement to what you believe and how you want your life to be. The power of positive talk is like a car with a powerful engine it can take you to the summit of a mountain.



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