Poem by Ibiere Addey

Finding Me….

Let’s think about that for a moment?

Am I the definition of where I was born or the definition of where I come from?

Who am I, I wonder?

Am I a person drowning in an ocean of unproven definitions?

Because I live in a society where I seem to have forgotten that I’m an individual with roots;

Roots defined by a culture and belief;

Roots defined by togetherness and growth.

Hold that thought for a moment please!

What knowledge do I have about myself?

What have I been reading about myself?

What have I allowed myself to accept as gospel?

And what do I belief myself to be?

How do I find me?

Do I have the power to make a difference in me and others?

Yes and perhaps No!

But I guess I can start from somewhere in defining me.

I can educate myself from a collection of literature,

Culture, exposures, listening and selecting what positively impacts.

I can choose to glean from great people who have discovered what it means ‘To Be’.

And improve my possibilities.

Or I can choose to blame society for me not achieving my dreams;

Or for me being a nuisance to society;

Or me being a timid mouse in a colony of great opportunity.

But in the end:

The summary of me will be: What I believe or allow to be me;

Either by people or by what I educate myself to be,

I am the definition of what I have accepted as me.

Be it good or bad.

I’m what I invest or allow in myself to govern who I am.

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